You’ve decided to have your CV written by a professional in our opinion a good decision, but the next question to ask yourself is how should you choose the right person/company to write that CV for you?

You could be investing anything from the cheaper end of the market £20 to the higher end of the CV writing market in excess of £1,000 so you need to be able to trust in that person/company to provide you with a CV that will do what is designed to do which is to get you that all important interview.

It would be an easy thing for us to say “you get what you pay for” but the reality is the services of some CV writing companies are excellent even if they are cheaper than the more highly marketed competition, but there are a few things you should look for when choosing a person/company to write your CV for you:

1. A company that is willing to give you their address clearly on their website (not hidden away in the small print) but remember anyone can have a PO Box address or a virtual office address so ask them to reveal their address, if they are not willing to do so then you are running the risk of not being able to get your money back if something goes wrong (would you buy a TV from a company that didn’t give you there address?)

2. A company that is willing to give you there telephone number (if they only work via email then how can you be assured that they will provide your CV if you can’t contact them, emails can be deleted and ignored)

3. A company that is willing to give you a REAL landline number, lots of CV writing companies only provide you with an 0870 or other premium rate number to contact them on so you have no real way of knowing who they really are or where they are based any honest company even if they are running from a home address will be prepared to give you that direct landline contact number.

4. A company that is willing to answer questions; many companies in our industry expect that they are the ones to do the questioning and rarely like to be asked questions, by asking questions you can get to know if they really do know what they are doing and whether they know enough about your industry to be able to effectively write you that interview winning CV.

5. Ask to speak to the company boss to ask your questions, nearly all CV writing companies in the UK are fairly small operations and the boss should be available to talk to you if they really do want to offer the expert service they claim on their websites.

6. Even over the phone you can quickly gain that all important first impression and level of trust; if you feel good about the person who will be writing your CV you know that you will be getting the best possible service from the CV Writing company.

It’s a buyers market when it comes to CV Writing services there are many companies out there and anyone can claim to be the best or the UK’s leading company but are they really?

Test them out ask them questions and walk away if you are not happy there are plenty more CV Writing companies in the UK to choose from it’s you money and more importantly it’s your career, find a CV Writing company you feel comfortable with and don’t be fooled by the sales baffle and waffle, at we are a no sales waffle company who are prepared to answer all your questions and we want you to know you can trust in us to provide you with that interview winning CV Service.

Give the team at WoWMyCV(UK) a try we know you won’t be disappointed.

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