Over the years, recruiters and employers have witnessed some weird and wonderful interview moments and below are just a few of the common mistakes that are made at interview and should be avoided.

Dressing inappropriately:

Unless specifically informed otherwise, always wear business dress even if you think the job you are being interviewed for doesn’t warrant it.

Arriving late:

Punctuality is the most important thing to consider and it is advisable to arrive at least ten minutes earlier, just to give the right impression.

Lack of confidence:

Poor eye contact and a limp handshake say a lot about a person. Your confidence in your own ability must be conveyed the instant you enter the room.


Never lie. Most of the information on a CV can be verified and although it may be your dream job, if you lie about your level of capability, it will be become instantly apparent once you start the job.

Negativity towards previous employers:

If asked why you left previous positions, always try to put a positive spin on this. If you launch into a full assault of your old boss, the interviewer could be left wondering whether you will demonstrate the same attitude towards them.

Having no questions prepared:

You will undoubtedly be asked whether you have any questions at the end of the interview. Prepare these in advance and make sure that they portray you in the best possible light. Focus on the role itself and your future position within the organisation and avoid issues such as holiday entitlement, company cars and whether they have a company canteen!

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