Everyone’s doing it these days the Twitter revolution is firmly upon us, if you don’t know what Twitter is yet it’s called a micro blog site and allows you 140 characters where you can tell people what you are doing at any point during a day.

Now what use is this when I’m looking for a job you may well be asking yourself? Well we’ll tell you:

With Twitter you have the ability to design your own page background which is an ideal place to put a mini CV giving some of the highlights of your career, you don’t need to be a design genius either if you have Photoshop you can make a Twitter background, or there are many other free services available on the internet where you can just fill in your details and the website will create the background image for you and install it directly to your Twitter page.

You also have a short bios section (160 characters) where you can add a catchy personal bio to grab that potential employer’s attention.

You can also add one website lint which is ideal for linking to your online CV don’t have an online CV? We WoWMyCV(UK) provide an online CV service for £50.00 for 2 years service see www.wow4cvs.co.uk for more information on our online CV websites.

Ok you say but do employers use Twitter? In short yes they do, in recent years everyone has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon because it offers them direct access to millions of potential customers and employees, most of the major jobsites and 1000’s of the smaller jobsites also use Twitter to post their latest vacancies and now the recruitment agencies are also getting in on the act.

The growth rate of Twitter means that you as a job seeker can now access all your recruitment agencies, jobsites and potential employers all in the one place saving you the trouble of visiting all of those websites each day.

But remember these key things NOT to Tweet when job searching;

If you are using Twitter to help with your job search DON’T make the mistake of having a moan about anything, ONLY ever post positive Tweets otherwise if that potential employer is reading your Tweets they may take a negative approach to you if they see you are having a moaning session on Twitter much the same way employers will look at you Facebook or MySpace pages they will look at your Twitter page before considering offering you an interview.

Don’t complain about your current/previous employer or work colleagues because again this can have a big adverse effect on your potential job search.

WoWMyCV(UK) are here to help

If you are not sure what to write in your Twitter bio or how to write your mini CV on you Twitter background WoWMyCV(UK) are here to help, we offer a Twitter design service that will get your Twitter job search page up and running.

What we offer

Background page design including: Mini CV

Bio writing

Online CV

Searching for relevant jobsites/recruitment agencies and employers to add to your follow list

For one fixed fee of £100.00 which includes your online CV for 2 years, WoWMyCV(UK) can get you on your way to Twittering for a new job.

Visit www.wowmycv.co.uk/twitter-that-job.html for more information

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