There is a very simple answer to this all important question, and that is because professional CV writers like WoWMyCV(UK) know how to write a CV that can seriously improve your chances of gaining that all important interview.

Think about the times you’ve either written or tried to write your CV, how many times have you wondered:

How long should the CV be?

How much information should I be giving?

What should I write in my profile?

Do I need a profile?

Plus many other such questions, the plain facts are that the majority of people always put either far too much information or know where near enough information in to their CV, and therefore make the CV almost worthless.

Professional CV writers have the advantage of not being you, so they can distinguish between what is good information and what is waffle and not needed, but remember NOT all CV writers are professional, read our article on How to choose a professional CV writer.

Professional CV writers also know your industry and exactly what a potential employer will be looking for from your CV. There is one simple job a CV is designed to do and that is to sell you to a potential employer.

It’s the first contact you are going to have with the employer and it’s your only chance to make a lasting first impression on the employer, your CV needs to stand out and say read me, but then not tell the reader too much that they don’t have questions in their mind and want to know more, if they want to know more they are going to have to ask you to the interview, which of course is exactly what you want them to do.

There is an art to writing that interviewing winning CV, it’s all about having the layout just right to encourage the reader to continue reading even when they don’t think they want to, it’s about using the right words at the right time to get across that important piece of information both quickly and in a way that makes the reader really want to know more.

And if you’ve found that CV writing company that has real passion for what they do and don’t just write CV’s because it makes money for them, WoWMyCV(UK) have real passion for CV writing with over 10 years experience in creating interview winning CV’s that really get results.

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